About Us

Who We Are

Alpha Rises was founded to create a safe and soothing space in New York for the process of Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Access to a natural setting in the city is currently not possible. It is our mission to provide the right environment for patients confronting major depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic pain, and other conditions that are treatable through psychedelic therapy.

Our Founder - Shai

Hi, I’m Shai Barel. I’ve experienced psychedelics both recreationally and clinically in many forms. After a series of ketamine infusions, I became unlocked – meaning that the blockages I’d been feeling my entire life because of trauma and depression stopped holding me back from achieving my fullest potential
I’ve tried everything on the market from acupuncture to herbs, SSRIs and medical marijuana. Nothing provided the lasting relief that I ultimately found through Ketamine Infusion Therapy. As effective as it was, I realized in hindsight that the treatment would have been infinitely improved if administered outside of the clinical environment. My vision is to create a comfortable, compassionate and controlled clinical setting to amplify the healing process.