7 Ways Ketamine Can Treat PTSD

PTSD makes it hard to live a normal lifestyle. Working and social relationships can be impaired by the daily intrusive thoughts and memories. Full remission can often be difficult to reach with SSRIs, and a lot of off-label treatments haven’t been studied enough.
If you’ve been struggling to make progress living with PTSD, there may be another option. Ketamine infusion therapy can provide direct and lasting results in a controlled setting.

Here’s what you need to know -

1. Ketamine blocks pain signals from the peripheral
2. It has been used for decades as a medical anesthetic for pain relief and sedation.
a. First synthesized in 1962, it has since been studied in-depth for treating multiple disorders
3. Ketamine makes the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate more readily available. Glutamate enhances brain plasticity.
a. Symptoms of PTSD may be caused by a loss of synaptic connectivity, which is mediated by glutamate.
b. Ketamine enhances the synaptic connectivity of glutamate.
4. It has been found to alleviate symptoms of many disorders including anxiety, depression, and PTSD
a. Hundreds of medical clinics exist in the US to effectively treat PTSD patients.
5. Hundreds of medical clinics exist in the US to effectively treat PTSD patients.
6. The benefits of ketamine begin working for some patients within hours, with results lasting for 7 days after one treatment.
7. It can be given as a series of treatments to create long term improvement in cognitive function.
8. Ketamine has been shown to rapidly and significantly reduce the severe symptoms of PTSD.
a. Patients are able to reconsolidate and let go of traumatic memories instead of reliving them over and over again.
PTSD can make it difficult to escape unwanted thoughts. If you haven’t found relief through other treatment programs, ketamine infusion therapy could be the next step. It is possible to understand and let go of the memories holding you back from your fullest potential. In the right set and setting, you will integrate the treatment and begin your transformation.